LAKELAND, Fla. (WTSP) -- If running a city is anything like raising a family, the city of Lakeland is in good hands.

Many people know Mayor-Elect Bill Mutz as a prominent businessman. He owns a car dealership in town, but he's also a big family man.

“I would say it's not something we ever would've expected,” Bill said.

That applies to his campaign for mayor, but also the 12 kids he and his wife Pam had together.

“If you had said to this girl before we were getting married, she would have run,” Bill said, pointing at Pam.

Having a large family was never Pam's plan. She and her husband will tell you it was God's. Their first kid changed Pam's perspective.

“I was like, God woke up a nurturing gene in me I didn't even know existed,” she said. “I'm like, 'Wow, being a mom is awesome.'”

One turned into a dozen. They're all adults now, many with kids of their own. It's harder to get the whole family in the same place at once for Christmas.

“We were down to 30 for this holiday, and it just seemed much calmer than normal,” Bill said with a laugh.

He's looking forward to the next challenge: serving as mayor of the city where he decided to raise his family.

He says God and his family come first, but he loves Lakeland too. He'll serve with a big support system behind him.

Mutz and his wife now have 19 grandchildren. He'll be sworn in Jan. 2.