Boynton Beach police officers went the extra aisle after a 91-year-old woman was robbed while shopping.

The victim was shopping at a Publix on Saturday when she was distracted by a man while his accomplice took her wallet out of her purse, police said.

Officer Janelle Jumelles arrived at the scene, she wanted to make sure the victim didn't go without food, so she arranged to pay for the woman's groceries.

The woman has hesitant, saying it was too expensive, but the officer insisted.

The act of kindness brought the victim to tears.

Jumelles also helped the victim cancel her stolen credit cards.

Then Jumelles and Training Officer Evan Esteves bought the woman a $60 Publix gift cart because her food stamps had been stolen.

The officers went to the victim's home to deliver the card, and she was surprised and grateful.