ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Anytime something is stolen, it is certainly frustrating.

To see a 94-year-old man's tricycle that he relies on to get around be taken, it's enough to get your blood boiling.

On July 18, Richard Griffin rode on his motorized tricycle to a CVS located at 4260 6th St. S., parking it out front while he went inside.

In the meantime, an unidentified suspect made himself busy by grabbing the tricycle and leaving with it.

“Oh, that's my lifeline. I needed that,” said Griffin. “Every time I needed something I would jump on the trike and there I would go.”

What's surprising is that someone was able to take off with the 400-pound motorized tricycle.

The community banded together in an even more pleasantly surprising way by coming together to buy him a brand new set of wheels.

The joint efforts of the Tampa Bay community, Suncoast Law Enforcement Charities, St. Petersburg Police Department, CVS, and Attorney Kevin Hayslett helped make it all possible.

The donations started flowing in after the incident, and 43 checks amounting to $2,445 came in between July 27 and Aug. 2. CVS chipped in a $100 gift certificate and St. Petersburg Police Chief Anthony Holloway and Attorney Hayslett presented the new tricycle, along with a bike lock and registration.

In case you happen to see him on his hot new set of wheels, make sure you say hello and congratulations!