SAN DIEGO, CA - A happy homecoming as sailors from the strike group led by the USS Carl Vinson returned to San Diego Friday.

The group took part in naval exercises off the coast of japan for the last five months.

While family and friends are happy to have their sailors back, the sailors expressed to KFMB what it feels like to be home - and hold their children for the first time:

"I guess it's like falling in love, huh?"

"It feels so great to hold her for the first time. I've seen lots of pictures out there, but it's nothing like ACTUALLY being able to hold her"

"Awesome- it's good"

"Amazing. So sad that I missed it, but it's amazing to be able to hold her now."

The 5000 sailors that were on board the USS Vinson are now home with their families and have a few weeks off before they have to report back for training.