Crew members aboard the International Space Station will be eating a complete Thanksgiving dinner thanks to students at Texas A&M.

The astronauts' Thanksgiving meals were made on the ground in a special kitchen at the Texas A&M Space Food Research Institute.

"We make things like chicken fajitas, pork chops, green beans and potatoes." explained Ben O'Neil, a food scientist who runs the lab.

The students mix and cook ingredients before the food is stuffed in small pouches and place in a high pressure oven. The process kills microbes, making sure the meal stays fresh for three to five years.

Before each mission, crew members pick out which food they like in taste tests. Then the orders are sent up every three months in a supply rocket.

Meal time in zero gravity certainly seems challenging, but favorite foods can help with the rigors of space.

This year, the two American astronauts aboard the ISS will share the turkey meals with French and Russian crew members.