With so many signatures and so many years, Jim McGregor and his mother Sally need an early start on Thanksgiving day to reminisce on their 35-year-old tablecloth, filled with names, hand-stiched by
Granny McGregor.

“My mother-in-law started this many years ago. So when people would come over, she would have them sign it,” says Sally McGregor. "Look at these stitches, wow"

Granny McGregor may have passed away, but her family tradition is still the topic of conversation, every Thanksgiving.

Each signature is embroidered.

“I get emotional sometimes just looking at the different names. Some are no longer with us and some in different places,” says grandson, Jim McGregor.

“The material is so flimsy because it speaks to how much it was washed. Now, she would not only use it for Thanksgiving but every time she had people over, she would have them sign too,” says Sally.

So as the tradition goes, anyone over for a holiday must sign the tablecloth, so I did.

"It's beautiful,” says Sally.

The family says they rarely eat on the tablecloth anymore because of its condition but they certainly have it on its own table, to laugh about the good ol’ days together.