Local temp agencies such as Prologistix are busy filling positions for the holiday season.

“About 75 people that were put to work in the next three weeks are in the area,” says Laura Dismuke, an operations manager with Prologistix.

Big companies like Amazon are also hiring roughly 120,000 employees to meet the demand for the Holidays.

“Our seasonal employees are critical to ensuring that our customers’ orders are ready on time and delivered on time for the holidays,” said Nina Lindsey, Amazon spokesperson.

Among those jobs, Amazon is offering work-from-home options, which has people like James Leavens, who doesn't own a vehicle, excited to earn some extra cash.

“It's pretty amazing because I walk myself everywhere I go and not having to leave the house would be perfect,” said Leavens.

Here's why you should take these seasonal jobs seriously: the temporary jobs could possibly land you a career.

ProLogistix says that last holiday season, 50% of seasonal hires snagged full-time positions.

Last year, Amazon hired more than 14,000 full-time employees for the holiday season and they expect an increase in that number this year.

"This gives those people that maybe didn't have the experience to get hired on directly, a working interview where they can prove themselves,” said Dismuke.

And Amazon takes a similar view.

“For those folks that are interested in having this turn into a full-time role, this is a great way to get your foot in the door,” said Lindsey.