TAMPA, FL - Between the gifts, food, and travel, Christmas can be expensive. Unfortunately, some families can't afford to provide their children with presents, but Current Initiative's Affordable Christmas is looking to change that, by giving low-income families the chance to buy toys at a fraction of the cost.

Brand new toys that are either donated or bought by Current Initiate are sold for no more than $10, giving parents the chance to be the heroes.

"When it comes to charity, we tend to lean towards, well they're poor, and we have the resources, so let's just give it to them. But that's not dignifying for those parents, it's not empowering for those parents. So we think it's better all the way around, and more important for us to provide a way for them to be dignified in their home," explained Josh Sowell, Executive Director and President of Current Initiative.

Affordable Christmas will be held on Saturday, December 9. This event is by invite only, as all the families that get to shop at the Affordable Christmas sale have been nominated and show financial needs.

If you want to help with the Affordable Christmas. Current Initiative will be hosting an event at Coppertail Brewing, in Tampa, on Tuesday, December 5, from 7-10pm. You can make a monetary donation or drop off a toy that cost at least $20. Buying a beer can also help as one dollar from every beer sold will go to Affordable Christmas.