You might start seeing big yellow boxes pop up at a gas station near you. These lockers are a solution to a problem that only gets worse this time of year: your holiday packages getting swiped right off your doorstep.

We see it every year, home surveillance cameras catching thieves stealing the packages left at residences, then dancing away with the stuff. And even though it's caught on camera, these crimes are often hard to solve, leaving the intended recipients empty handed.

Enter Amazon Locker, a safe place to have your packages delivered. We talked to several people who had never seen one before but think it's a great idea.

"One truck stops, delivers how many packages to a central location, they're secured, you get a passcode. It's brilliant."

Another man says he'll probably use it.

"I think it's awesome. It's a new thing that just came out and I think it's a lot better than getting your packages delivered to your doorstep. You have a lot of people that walk past and they might just pick your packages up and on their way they go."

Here's how it works: first find a locker location that's convenient for you, add it to your Amazon address list and when you order, have it sent to the locker. Once the package is there, you will get an alert on your phone with a special code that will open the locker. It even works for returns.

The lockers are new to the Tampa area; right now there are about 40 spread out all over. Most are at gas stations or businesses that are open 24 hours - just in time to protect your holiday packages.

There are some limits to what you can send to the lockers, however. The package you order from Amazon must fit inside one of them, which is typically 10 pounds or less.