It's Cyber Monday. As you go to snag those deals online, you'll want to think about how you'll keep your packages safe from thieves.

The brazen package thieves are called "Porch Pirates". Every holiday season, they stake out your neighborhood, following the delivery trucks and snatching your packages right off your doorstep.

Sometimes only seconds go by between the time the package is dropped off to the time it's nabbed from your home.

This year the “Porch Pirates” will have more targets than ever. The National Retail Federation says than more half of us will be doing our holiday shopping online. That's millions and millions of packages being delivered from a busy Cyber Monday through Christmas Eve.

Ilene Figueroa always gets her packages delivered to her at work, she's seen too many package burglaries in her own neighborhood.

“We have neighbors preying on their own neighborhood. They see someone get a package delivered and think ‘hey, I could use that for Christmas.’ it's totally wrong. Wrong,” she exclaimed.

Tampa Police recommend you request signatures so packages have to be handed over in person.
You can also ask trustworthy neighbors to watch for deliveries, have packages sent to an office if possible or leave special instructions for the delivery driver on where packages can be placed.

Some police departments, including the one in Rancho Cordova, California...just outside Sacramento... are planting fake packages with GPS trackers on doorsteps.
When they're taken, police are automatically notified and the brazen thief is arrested.

Last year alone, 23 million Americans had packages stolen from their homes according to

Amazon is one of several companies trying to curb the opportunities thieves have to nab your goods.
You may have noticed the company’s bright yellow lockers in your neighborhood. Instead of dropping a package off at your home, you can get a code to grab it from the locker.
Simply enter your code or scan a barcode on your email to open the lockbox.