ST. PETERSBURG - When it comes to Thanksgiving Day dinner, some people are not worried about how the turkey will turn out, but instead are worried about the conversation at the table.

With many emotions running high since the election, 10News spoke with an etiquette expert on how to keep the political talk to a minimum around the table.

"If you stop and say 'We don't want to talk politics' that sometimes brings it up. But if you have Uncle George who always talks politics, you can pull him aside and say, 'Let's not talk about politics today and then make sure you set him away from Uncle Matt," said Kim Goddard, etiquette expert.

Goddard says there's a strategy when seating people - put the rowdy people next to the calm ones.

"You have to keep everyone positive. No one's right or wrong in this whole thing. This is just not the place to discuss it," said Goddard.

If you're hosting the dinner, you can always have topic cards on the table so you can change the conversation quick if need be.

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