Almost half of American households own a dog, but many stores don't allow pets. A new company found a solution so pet parents don’t have to leave their pooch at home. They’re called ‘Dog Parkers.’

Thirty-five of the high-tech, temperature controlled dog houses are situated throughout Brooklyn. An app allows pet owners to lock and unlock the door with an exclusive code—and there’s a webcam inside so they can keep an eye on their dog.

When dog owner Mark Hummel wants to check out his local stores, he no longer has to leave his dog, Paulie, at home.

“It has allowed me to combine errands and spend more time with Paulie,” he said. “I feel like I’m more efficient with it.”

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"Not only did we create this product for the dogs’ safety and the owners’ peace of mind, but it's also a way for stores to be more welcoming to dogs," said Dog Parker co-founder Chelsea Brownridge.

The dog houses cost 20 cents a minute. The average stay is about 15 minutes, which comes out to about $3. Businesses that allow one of the Dog Parkers outside get a portion of the profits.

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The Dog Parker has a staff that cleans the houses every day. There are also UV lights inside that kill bacteria and viruses between uses.

The company has plans to expand to D.C. next year, along with Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Boston.