Proposing at a ballgame? Been done.

Proposing via the scoreboard while overseas? Now we're talking.

That's what CPT Daniel Smith did at the Tampa Bay Rays-Kansas City Royals game Wednesday.

Smith, who is commander of C Comopany, 1-138th IN Area Support Group which is in Qatar, appeared on the scoreboard to wish his daughter Mackenzie a happy 11th birthday. Mackenzie and her sister, Abby, were at the game with Smith's girlfriend, Lindsay Chapman.

Then, after a pause, Smith came back on the screen.

"It's me again ... I had forgotten the real reason why I'm up here. So here goes."

Smith then got down on one knee and pulled out a small jewelry box.

Capt. Daniel Smith proposes to his girlfriend on the Rays scoreboard.

"Lindsay Chapman, will you marry me?"

Raymond, the Rays mascot, then came running toward Chapman's seat, carrying an identical box, this one with an engagement ring.

Chapman didn't have a microphone, but it was easy to read her lips: "Of course!"

Raymond also handed Chapman a tablet computer so she and Smith could talk via Facetime.

Chapman had been living in Kansas City and just moved back to Florida. Smith had gotten her into baseball by going to Royals games.

Lindsay Chapman, daughters Mackenzie (11th birthday on May 11) and Abby

The first part will be Cpt. Smith wishing Mackenzie a happy birthday as she turns 11 tomorrow. After birthday slide on RaysVision he will come back up with proposal.

I am told Lindsay is from Tampa and had been living I Kansas City. She just moved back to Florida. Cpt. Smith apparently got her into baseball going to Kansas Coty Royals games.

We plan on having Cpt. Smith on Facetime with one of the interns on site as she accepts.