It was a day to remember and to share for a Ft. Lauderdale couple who got hitched this past weekend but when the wedding photos accidentally got sent to some teens in a group text, their reply was hilarious.

High school sweethearts and University of South Florida grads Mika (nee Giordano) and Dave D'Amato tied the knot on January 7 and the wedding looked beautiful.

Also, the two D'Amatos know how to have a good time.

Yet when when Dave's mom shared some pics from the reception in a group text, an unknown number that slipped into the chat replied with photos of three teenagers restaging the photos.

Mika posted on her Facebook account Tuesday that the pictures had her "dying."

Like so.

They even sent their congratulations to the newlyweds. Mika said they were very sweet about the whole thing.

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