Tampa, FL -- So, how early is too early to get in line for those Black Friday deals? And is it even worth the wait these days, considering how many of those door-busters are available online right now?

We tested that theory with a Tampa man who, believe it or not, was already camping out.

Rick Hilton was sitting in a tent outside the Best Buy store on Dale Mabry Highway.

It’s the only way, said Hilton, to guarantee he gets the deals he wants.

“If I'm not number one, I don't get that item,” said Hilton.

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“I think it's way too early if you ask me,” said Jessica Longworth walking past the store.

“I personally think it’s crazy,” said Tyrick Smith, looking back at Rick’s tent.

But customer Nathalie Nunez wasn’t so critical. “If I could do it, I would do it too,” she said.

But would it be worth it? We pulled up a chair with Hilton to test his theory. A few clicks later, we found the Dell computer he was willing to wait a week for available online. Now. Same price.

“I could add that to the cart right now, and buy it now,” we showed him on our computer.

“Oh, you can?” he replied looking closer to confirm it was in fact the same deal.

But Hilton also wants a Toshiba 49" TV for $199, and we found that was, in fact, an in-store only price.

“And that is a savings of $250?” "

Yeah,” he said. “It's worth it. Definitely.”

Savings aside, Rick says it's about seeing familiar faces and camp-out camaraderie.

“In this parking lot we'll have football games - I mean, it'll be wild,” he said.

But Hilton had to admit, it might be a good idea these days to go online, before committing to wait in line.

“And plus, I'm just a little crazy,” said Hilton. “That just adds some kick to it.”


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