It’s the first day of November and Black Friday deals are already out!

Before you take out that debit or credit card to start your holiday shopping, online shopping expert Robert Hooker says do your research before just buying a product, no matter how good that deal sounds.

“Shop around, make sure you use applications at your disposal like the apps we download so frequently,” says Hooker.

Sometimes stores provide hidden deals when you shop on their app.

We looked at Amazon’s Black Friday deals and found one camera priced at $599 which included a lens with the purchase. Target had the same camera for $481 but excluded the lens.

Hooker says depending on what you looking for, it’s smart to consider your options. If you didn’t want that lens, then you could save $118. That’s why it’s important to look at other stores.

He also suggests looking for those gifts now so you have plenty of time and don't get caught having to settle for holiday prices at the last minute.

Bottom line: Do your homework first and then shop around with multiple outlets to get the best deal.