Florida Blue, a major health insurer in the state, is blaming a vendor for billing issues that are affecting clients' bank accounts.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Kristin Longberry checked her checking and found a $142,000 charge -- pushing into an overdraft. She was billed for her $2,000 monthly premium 71 times.

She said her bank cannot reactivate the account until Florida Blue removes the overcharge.

Florida Blue apologized for the inconvenience on Twitter.

And on Facebook, there were complaints in the comments.

Beth Nearhood is among the hundreds of Florida Blue customers who got an awful surprise Monday morning as she accessed her checking account.

“It was just charge after charge after charge… after charge,” said Nearhood.    There were 33 in total that they drafted out of the account.”

The charges were all from Florida Blue the health insurance company the preschool teacher shares with her mother.  Their joint checking account was not only take down to zero, but dipped deep into negative territory after repeated charges.

“The balance was negative $4314.86,” said Nearhood.

Eager for an explanation, Beth went to the local Florida Blue office where she found other customers complaining of the exact same issue.

“I had to stop and leave work to take care of this.  I had to get a substitute teacher.  It’s not fair to us, it’s not fair to the hundreds of other people who have been impacted by this.”

Other customers lit up the Florida Blue Facebook page…

Jeff writing: “This is insane. My account has been overdrafted by 63,865!

Nicole chiming in:   “We got hit 37 times at $566 a pop & on top of that overdraft fees.

And Jenny added:  53 payments taken out for a total over $15,000.00 plusI cannot use my account at all because everything is locked up.

“I take meticulous care of my money.  I know exactly how much I have, exactly have much I can spend and to go on your phone to see you’re over 4000 dollars in the negative, you panic,” said Nearhood.

And while Florida Blue apologized and says refunds should be made as soon as possible, the company’s billing system was completely off-line Friday meaning even customers not impacted couldn’t make their payments until the problem is finally resolved.