A coupon glitch caused CVS to cancel hundreds of orders across the country, upsetting customers.

One of those customers is Sierra Warlen, a Wentzville mom who recently gave birth to her second child. Soon after, a photo shoot with her newborn was top priority.

"We had professional pictures taken a few months ago and we're excited to get them all over our walls," Warlen said.

She searched her Facebook groups for a good discount on canvas prints

"I've been waiting for the right deal from a place that you can order canvases," Warlen said.

On Monday, Warlen came across an incredible deal.

"One of the mom's had posted a great deal with five different codes that were active," she said.

Warlen immediately signed up online and purchased 11 canvas photos of her newborn.

What should have been a $330 purchase totaled up to less than $30 after coupons.

Warlen says her online payment was accepted and processed for a deal she thought was too good to be true.

"The next morning when they were still working, then working the next afternoon I thought, it must be real, they must be putting on a really great deal right now," she said.

But Warlen's instincts were accurate. Four days later, CVS sent an email to customers stating the discount codes were posted in error. Then, Warlen says her entire order was canceled.

This mom wasn't alone. Many angry customers took to the store's Facebook page demanding their original orders be honored.

"You owe that to your loyal customers, not to mention you made a lot of new customers," Warlen said.

Though CVS canceled those orders, Warlen says they did offer her a 60% discount in return. She says she'd still be paying at least $130 more than the original discount.

We called and emailed the CVS corporate office several times for a response Thursday, but have not heard back.