Can you imagine paying double, triple or quadruple the retail price for a hot toy this holiday?

Desperate parents are dropping wads of cash on some of the most popular items this year.

The top two toys: Nintendo NES Classic Edition and Hatchimals.

We found a Hatchimal toy on sale for $800 on ebay! The toy retails for $49.99, but many stores say they are sold out until mid- to late- January.

No parent wants to disappoint their kids, especially if they've been asking for a specific toy for months.

So what can you do to better your chances of finding one of these sizzling hot toys?

First, get online and subscribe to alerts on specific toys you want to buy, that way when the item comes in, you get an email.

Next, befriend the store manager, who may have the scoop on shipments.

Your best and the most aggressive approach: come in first thing in the morning just as the doors open and then you might -- big might -- maybe--have a chance at getting that hot toy.

And get this: some of those hottest toys started selling out in October!

So what is a Hatchimal?

It’s a creature that will hatch (it only hatches once), grow and as she or he grows up, will learn to play games and talk to your child.

Robotic pets, Star Wars toys and drones are also hot this year. Some drones even fly though voice activation.