ST. PETERSBURG — She was turned down for what at some point in the job process is a valid question!
This has been shared thousands of times across social media today.

The company has apologized and said it is retraining employees so this doesn't happen again. The company also offered that woman another interview.

This got us thinking about a touchy subject.

When is the best time to have "the talk?"

It can be awkward. It can be nerve wracking. But you have to have "the talk" about money and benefits with a prospective employer at some point right?

The answer is yes, but you might want to pump the brakes on the outrage mobile in this case.

10News WTSP spoke to hiring expert Chauri Gibson about it at CareerSource in Pinellas County.

RIVERA: She wrote in an email, if I do end up filling this position, how much do you think I'll be getting paid per hour?

GIBSON: It was like asking an inappropriate question before the second day. It's still in that phase of determining whether or not the company and the potential new hire, the employee are a good fit for one another.

RIVERA: The response that she got back was at this time we will not be following through with our meeting Thursday your priority are not in sync with the company.

GIBSON: I do think that was an appropriate response although a little cold.

But ask someone applying for a job right now, like Virginia Smith, talking about money up front matters.

SMITH: I would want to know how much I am going to possibly be paid, maybe around about figure. I don't think it was an unreasonable question at all. We're just supposed to take you at face value, come work for you and will give you what we think you should get.

RIVERA: So, you think that's a little unfair? I do

SMITH: I do. I've been through the training, other interview training and I think that should be brought up in the first interview pretty much right off the bat so you're both on the same page.

Gibson says you can't go into a job interview blind. Arm yourself with knowledge about how much someone with your experience usually makes for the position you apply to.

You can head to and to get a good idea.

Remember - like dating - finding the right job fit can take some time.