New York -- From mirrors that dress you to shelves that practically restock themselves, many stores could soon be giving customers a better shopping experience with some cutting-edge innovations, according to a report from the National Retail Federation Expo.

New technology lets consumers try on multiple items and see what they would look like. Even share photos via social media to get feedback from others.

It's a memory mirror by Intel called the Memo-Mi.

"It enables you try on multiple colors and styles of a garment without having to go back into the dressing room," said Michelle Tinsley of Intel.

With just a touch of a screen, shoppers can also see 360-degree views of each color as well as side by side comparisons.

"The consumer can send all that information to their smartphone and share it on social Facebook, Instagram and get likes or vote from your friends," said Tinsley.

Neiman Marcus is testing the Memo-Mi at its department store in Walnut Creek, California, and plans to roll it out to two more locations next month.

It's one of hundreds of new shopping innovations unveiled at this year's National Retail Federation Expo.

Another is a digital inventory tracker called the Power at the Shelf.

"If a shopper picks the last one up we can actually recognize that its out send that information back to the folks at Procter & Gamble or to the retailer to fix the shelf," said John White, CEO of Power at the Shelf.

The Power Shelf tracks items using a censor mat on the shelf that measures weight, and if you download the store's app, a Bluetooth-enabled beacon sends a coupon to your phone when you get close.

Forty Whole Foods around the country are using the device.