It's that time of year when we could all use a little extra cash. Picking up part-time holiday work at your local super store is one option, but if that's not your cup of tea, there are other jobs out there.

"This is my beauty room." Breonna Queen has turned her passion into profit. She does makeup tutorials on YouTube.

"From my YouTube channel, I have written two e-books on Amazon. I also started a cosmetics line called Queenie Skin & Cosmetics and I now do make-up as a profession."

What started as making videos for fun a few years ago is now making Breonna an average of $5,000 a year and her business is still growing. "It's weird because people say do what you love and you won't work, but I thought nobody's going to pay me to do what I love, but I am a prime example. I love doing makeup."

Maybe YouTube is not for you. How about network marketing? There are literally dozens of businesses that are already set up for you to step in and start making money.

"This is our greens, it's one of our more popular products." Tami Siben was a loyal customer of It Works products for two years, before she finally took the leap and started selling it. "Within the first three months, I made about $1,200, but since then quite a bit more. It's grown a lot." So much so that Tami no longer has to work full time, since that extra income now pays all her bills. "Believing what you're selling and telling that to people is very important. I use everything that we sell."

Finally, Rachelle commented on Facebook that she is a Shipt shopper. She does online grocery delivery on the weekends and loves it. She says as an independent contractor, she has the ability to work when she wants to work.

Other ways to make extra cash: Use your Smartphone! This article suggests 15 apps that can make you money.

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