JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - An Arlington woman said she had to pay for more than $800 in car repairs all because of the fuel she bought from one BP gas station.

The gas station says it's not their responsibility to pay damages.

We all tend to take purchasing fuel for our cars for granted. Pay, pump and drive away.

After buying premium fuel at Grand Central BP Gas Station off Merrill Road in Arlington Monday, Lisa Harris did start to drive away, until she said the engine in her Chevy Impala began sputtering.

She took it to her Chevy dealer. Two days later, the report: $835 in damages.

The culprit: the gas she had last bought. The worse case the Chevy mechanic had ever seen.

"It was pure water. There was more water than gas," said Harris.

Harris spoke with management at the gas station. Next, came the run-around.

"When I came to BP they told me I needed to contact their supplier. I responded I didn't buy from the supplier I purchased this gas from you and he said they are going to pay you they are going to pay me, they're going to take care of it," said Harris.

Harris said the supplier told her that wasn't how it works.

"If someone would have just contacted me or let me know 'hey we're working on it, we'll get back with you,' and that's just not the case I'm getting ignored," said Harris.

BP says on their website they will reimburse customers who experience fuel-system trouble. A BP spokesperson said they have not received any other complaints about gas from this particular station.

Harris said after she complained, she said BP employees closed all their pumps. Friday, pumps were open, but with signs saying "regular only."

The spokesperson said this will get resolved with necessary and appropriate documentation - things Harris has.

Harris wants to get the word out because she said she's sure there are others in the same situation.

"As long as we get our voices out here hopefully they will respond," said Harris.