TAMPA -- We loaded box after box Monday morning and with the help of a Goodwill-Suncoast truck and driver, we hit the road.

The first stop on our Teacher's Toolbox tour was Robinson Elementary in Plant City, where Hilary Zalla helped unload and deliver the goods.

In Jennifer Morgan’s Kindergarten class, Hilary led the countdown to a box bonanza. “3,2,1,” the class counted as Hilary tore through the tape.

Backpacks and a bevy of other supplies will help in all sorts of ways. “If you don’t have it, you can’t learn,” 5-year-old Manny Salmeron said of the supplies.

“It helps us feel good,” shouted another student, holding a container of wipes over their head.

And talk about feeling good, Hilary sure did after receiving some huge hugs.

The hallways and doors at Robinson are adorned with super hero decorations, because their theme is “Learning is our super power!” And we certainly hope the 10News Teacher’s Toolboxes will give the heroes there a super power boost.

“We have a lot of children at this school that are in desperate need of school supplies and we appreciate every blessing we can get,” said Morgan.

After leaving 43 Teacher’s Toolboxes for the instructors at Robinson, our next stop was Alexander Elementary in Tampa, where we delivered 37 boxes and Justin Granit did his best to shine.

“How are you? Are you guys ready for the solar eclipse?” he asked entering a first-grade classroom.

It's hard to eclipse the eclipse, but a big box of supplies still brightened the day. “Thank you,” the children shouted.

Donations from the public, Sam's Club, and Grow Financial helped deliver all this joy today, so from the first graders in Jessica Barsch’s room—here’s the ultimate compliment.

“Shhhh…shhhh….lookin’ good,” the kids exclaimed—pointing fingers in our direction.