It’s Friday, so you know it’s that time of the week where we recognize a different school in Tampa Bay as 10News’ School of the Week powered by Duke Energy Florida. This isn’t just a pep rally, we are headed into the classrooms to showcase the great achievements of the students, faculty and staff. Every Friday we will be live from the school campus beginning at 6 a.m. and don’t forget to watch at 6 p.m. as well to catch the highlights from earlier in the day.

We’re happy to announce that our school this week is Muller Elementary Magnet School in Hillsborough County. Congratulations Gators! In addition to being named 10News’ School of the Week powered by Duke Energy Florida, Muller has also been recognized as the No. 2 magnet school in the country! They have well-known arts and science programs. The students get to use some great technology, like a 3-D printer, and they are currently revamping their environmental sciences. The school grounds are home to a Global Garden with areas representing the seven continents. Each representative area is home to indigenous plants to the continents, that can also survive the Florida weather (they are still working on Antarctica). They are also adding vertical gardens to the campus this year. Students, broken into groups, are designing their own vertical gardens and then will present their proposals to Principal Booth who has the tough decision on selecting three. Students have a budget of $75 and many have themed their designs. One group is even planning on just growing pizza toppings! Along similar lines, a group of students are tasked with designing outdoor musical instruments. They also have to present their proposals to the principal, but they are limited to a $20 budget. That’s not a lot of money to make a musical instrument, but the students are using recycled material for their pieces. Groups are designing, harps, pianos and drums.

Speaking of music, Muller has a diverse arts program. Every student takes a dance, art or music class each week. If one of those areas is of interest of them, they can also take them as electives. In the strings group for example, students can learn to play cello, harp, violin, guitar or bass. The instruments are provided to the students in class and they have the option to rent the instruments yearly from the school so they are able to practice with them at home. Also unique to the arts program is their art gallery. It’s more than art lining the walls. The school has their own gallery that students and parents are welcome to tour featuring student art. Each month the gallery is changed and currently they have a jungle theme featuring art from the 2nd and 3rd graders. As you can tell, the Muller Gators have a lot to brag about! It’s why they are 10News’ School of the Week powered by Duke Energy Florida.

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