TAMPA - The Bodie family graciously invited 10News reporter Sarah Hollenbeck into their home to show how they prepare a Thanksgiving Day feast to feed 30.

The Bodies take Thanksgiving very seriously, using an oven, a grill, a green egg and several homemade sous-vides (a water cooking system that the Bodies created using a cooler and bluetooth sensor) to cook turkey, pork butt, beef tenderloin and homemade stuffing that's been a tradition since Don Bodie's mother first made it.

Don Bodie and his sons take over the kitchen on Thanksgiving, giving their wives a break. "The ladies cook all year, so we enjoy taking over and giving them the day to relax and socialize with friends and family," Don explained.

The Bodies even have a wine cellar in their home. They crafted the cellar out of a utility closet in the front entryway of their home in the Westshore Yacht Club.

Don Bodie has some advice for your family this Thanksgiving: He marks all of the foil containers with a sharpie noting which entree is inside, how long it needs to cook and at which temperature. This way, he says, if someone offers to help cook all of the instructions are waiting for them.

He also does the dishes as he goes along, so they don't pile up inside the sink.

As for the turkey, the Bodie family is trying something new: Using creole butter and wing sauce to inject the bird with flavor.

Don Bodie says Thanksgiving is the perfect day to celebrate with loved ones. "It's all about being thankful for the people in our lives. Even if you are eating pork and beans, it's the people you are surrounded by that make the holiday so special."