The election is just three weeks away.

In Hillsborough County three big things will happen Tuesday:
-1- It's the last day to register to vote throughout Florida.
-2- Your sample ballot will be shipped out to your mailbox today
-3- And-- they'll be testing the equipment you'll vote on today.

Our local counties put the voting machines through a tremendous amount of testing.
Election workers will use thousands of dummy ballots to test and make sure mistakes are caught. Earlier this month, the FBI confirmed an attempted hack on Florida's voting system, and our local election authorities say they're on high alert, but they aren't concerned.

There are a lot of controversial amendments on your ballot too, but none as confusing as amendment one. The wording is tricky. Amendment one claims to give you a "solar energy choice" and "Protect your consumer rights" like "Health safety and welfare", but dig a little deeper and you'll find the amendment really seeks to allow the current power companies in Florida to maintain their monopoly on solar power and prohibit other companies from selling it to you. Amendment 1 would open the door for further regulation of solar power installations and make it easier for the big power companies to add fees for solar panels, the Orlando Sentinel editorial board wrote. Just another reason to do your research.

Here's what makes this so confusing for all of us. Back in the primary, all of us here in Florida passed amendment 4, giving tax breaks for solar panels and other upgrades. It's important to note these two amendments are not related.

If you or someone you know still hasn't registered to vote, you have until 5:00 Tuesday night.

With so many issues on the ballot, from medical marijuana to funding schools, your vote really could make a difference.

Election supervisors have a great tip for all of us: Fill out your sample ballot that you'll get in the mail this week and bring it with you to the polls as a cheat sheet. That way you can make well researched decisions and not be as stressed when you come to vote on November 8th.