The Canadians are a kind and, despite their weather, warm people.

But that doesn't mean they roll out the welcome mat -- spelled "maut" up there, because they love adding the letter "u" to words, though not necessarily "you" to their population.

This time of year, irate Americans love to promise they're packing their bags and heading to land of higher taxes and free medical care.

Here are nine things to think about before you start job- and house-hunting in Justin Bieber's birthplace, eh?

1. Yes, they've extended their hospitality to many refugees recently. Just because your presidential candidate of choice didn't win doesn't make you one of them..

2. Forget marrying a Canadian. Arm candy isn't the ticket in. It's a country, not a night club.

3. Don't show up at the Ambassador Bridge or the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel with a UHaul and a smile. Unless you're the hunchback of Notre Dame, yelling "sanctuary" will get you nowhere.

4. Crossing over the Blue Water Bridge and then "forgetting" to come home will eventually get you tossed out faster than you can say "pond hockey."

5. Definitely refrain from singing "Blame Canada."

6. There is a special visa for the ultra-wealthy, which is based on their investing. You don't fit the bill. Just Google real estate prices in Toronto and Vancouver.

7. Knowing what a double double, a hoser or a toque means nothing.

8. If your stomach can handle poutine, it can handle anything -- and anyone.