When visiting a theme park, many of us use our cell phones to document the fun times we have with our family and friends.

From videos on the rides to impromptu selfies with park attractions, your camera is there to document it all.

But what happens when you get stuck on one of those rides?

You live tweet the ordeal, obviously.

Several people stranded on the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios in California Thursday, took to Twitter to share live updates of the harrowing moments.

One of those stranded was "Silicon Valley" actor Kumail Nanjiani. He, along with several other riders, took to Twitter to broadcast every moment.

As you can imagine, hilarious tweets ensued.

Others stuck on the ride decided to compile their live updates using the hashtag #JurassicParked.

At one point, all of the lights went out, leaving the riders in total darkness. But they were never without their sense of humor.

While the situation only took around 30 minutes, the riders were still happy to see their rescuers.

I'm sure the next time they get on the ride, they'll be sure to bring along Chris Pratt or Jeff Goldblum.