LAKELAND, Fla. -- A robbery suspect who was possibly under the influence of drugs grabbed cash from an open cash register at the Save-A-Lot and threw the wad of money into the air before leaving, Lakeland police reported Wednesday.

The strange robbery happened before 6:44 p.m. Tuesday, at the grocery store located at 2021 George Jenkins Boulevard. The incident was only the start of the suspect's journey back to jail, which also included him nearly dying along the way.

Lakeland Police Department said that Shavenski Vashon Green, 40, entered the Save-A-Lot and grabbed the cash while a clerk was ringing up a customer.

Green then proceeded to the store exit but sat down on a stack of bottled water. He then threw the cash into the air, prompting an employee to try to pick up the bills. Green allegedly pushed the clerk away, grabbed some of the money from the floor and left.

Green entered a nearby Subway restaurant and asked the employees for water. He was reportedly "acting crazy" and threatened to kill the employees before he was asked to leave. Green complied with the command but he walked over to the neighboring CVS store to continue his path of criminal mischief.

CVS employees reported that Green was "disheveled" and appeared to be under the influence of chemicals when he barged in and acted "belligerently." He allegedly grabbed a soda pop and opened it without paying. Green left the CVS but returned, grabbed makeup products and left the store again without paying for the items.

Shortly thereafter, Green was spotted by an LPD officer at the intersection of Wabash Avenue and George Jenkins. Green sat down in the median and would not answer the officer's questions. The officer stood behind the sitting Green while awaiting backup, but Green grabbed the officer by the leg and began struggling with him.

Other officers arrived to assist and a electronic control device was used on the suspect to subdue him. Green continued screaming and resisting officers commands so he was placed in handcuffs and a hobble to prevent him from kicking officers.

As officers searched Green's pockets, they noticed that Green had stopped breathing. Officers immediately began CPR and used a portable defibrillator to revive him. Green was taken to Lakeland Regional Health where he is listed in stable condition.

LPD reported that Green has been arrested multiple times for drug charges and assaulting first responders. In total he has 20 felony charges and 34 misdemeanor charges on his criminal record.