Each day, 43 families in the United States find out that their child has cancer. 40,000 children undergo cancer treatments each year. Cancer’s impact on children can be devastating, but THERE IS REASON FOR HOPE.

Now, thankfully more than 80% of children with cancer survive.

Hyundai is committed to the day no child dies from pediatric cancer. Their mission is to raise awareness for childhood cancer, donate life-saving research funds and celebrate the lives of children affected by this disease.

Led by Chairman of the Board, Scott Fink, CEO of Hyundai of New Port Richey, Hyundai Hope On Wheels supports the concerned physicians and dedicated research professionals of the Children’s Oncology Groups of America (COGA) as they look for ways of preventing cancer, improving quality of life and survival.

Every time a Hyundai vehicle is purchased, Hyundai and its dealers make a donation to Hope on Wheels*. In 2017, Hope On Wheels will award $15 million toward pediatric cancer research and programs. This brings the organization’s donation total to $130 million since Hyundai joined fight against pediatric cancer in 1998.

Through the funding of COGA’s collaborative research, the group improves cure rates at a much faster pace than individual institutions. COGA is dedicated to not only treating cancer, but also serving the needs of the whole child—emotional, spiritual, and physical. Children shouldn’t have to give up being kids while dealing with the grown-up issue of cancer.

The Children Give Us All Hope

Visit Hyundai’s Wall of Hope for inspiration and support, no one is alone in this fight.

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