CLEARWATER, Fla. -- We have an update to a story we reported earlier this month, in which police say a woman gave birth to a child after smoking crack, and then tried to hide the newborn in a yard.

We learned today that the newborn died at St. Joseph's Hospital.  The chlid's mother, Katrina Kegelman,  had already been charged with child neglect.  No word at this point on additional charges.  

Clearwater police say Kegelman, 24,  gave birth to the child right behind a home on Cleveland Street, then left  the newborn in the backyard. She did not notify anyone.

A friend of Kegelman's noticed blood on her pants and then asked where the baby was.

When Fire Rescue arrived, according to police, Kegelman had to be asked several times before she showed her friend the location of the hidden newborn. 

At the time she was charged with child neglect.

Kegelman  told detectives that day that she was worried she would be charged with the baby's death because she smoked crack right before she gave birth.

She had been out on bond.