PARRISH, Fla. -- A local wildlife rescuer shared an incredible story of a bald eagle which was saved from a hungry alligator from a pond at the Copper Stone subdivision.

According to Justin Matthews of Matthews Wildlife Rescue, a bald eagle was about to become the gator's next snack when a resident named David intervened and pulled the bird out.

Matthews said that David, who is undergoing chemotherapy, waded into the water to perform the daring rescue. David later told Matthews that he couldn't watch "America's symbol" die.

Justin Matthews of Matthews Wildlife Rescue poses with David, who rescued the eagle from an alligator.

Matthews showed up to pick up the bird for transport to an area veterinarian. The bird, looking a little worse for wear, was struggling to move its legs at the doctor's office Matthews said.

"Please say a prayer for David and the eagles," Matthews wrote.