It is a pain when you don't have power. As you saw...sometimes it can be deadly. But here's where you are responsible for getting your power back on.

I read the fine print for you with Duke Energy, TECO, Lakeland Electric, and FPL and here's what it says.

There are big components of your home that you might need to fix before power can come back...and there are a couple of terms you need to know.

Your home gets power from the service line...and is monitored by the meter.

Those are both the responsibility of the power company to maintain...

But there are four other parts of your power hook-up...and they are all your responsibility.

There's the weatherhead that protects the line in...the attachment hardware that keeps it connected to your home, the riser that houses the connection above or below ground and the meter can or box.

If those are damaged... your energy company may not be able to restore service to you until you hire an electrician to fix them.

No power and your meter box is hanging off of your home? That's your responsibility to fix.

I called popular home warranty company American Shield ... and they don't cover those repairs.

The joys of home ownership, right?

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