ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Right now, a bill to ban backyard gun ranges is on the governor's desk.

"We're hopeful that he too has heard the outcry of citizens for public safety and we're hopeful that he will sign it," said Rep. Darryl Rouson of St. Pete, a co-sponsor to the bill. 

The debate blew up last year when Joseph Carannante crafted a makeshift gun range in his St. Pete backyard. His neighbors weren't having it.  

Around the same time, we saw how dangerous it could be. Dawn Bryan was home with one of her kids in Lithia, when bullets riddled her home. A neighbor was playing target practice. 

"Me and my daughter started cleaning up the glass on the floor and she found a bullet," Bryan said. 

Now it could soon be against the law to turn your back yard into a gun range. 

Kendra O'Connor lives right next to Joe Carannante. She said the neighborhood tried to reason with him when he announced his homemade gun range. 

"It's concerning, it's frightening. The children were wide-eyed and wondering what's going to happen next door," O'Connor said. 

"We've stepped in and we've said here's what safety looks like for children and for families."

O'Connor has four children, including an 11 and 8-year-old. She said a neighborhood is no place for a shooting range. 

"The place to practice it was never a backyard."

Carannante decided not to create a range, but if the governor signs the bill, building one will become a first degree misdemeanor. 

The ban would apply to homes within one acre of each other.

An acre is about the size of a football field not including the end zones.  

The bill does add some protections. You won't be penalized for firing a gun to defend your life or property or if the weapon were to fire accidentally. 

The attention this got was important, lawmakers stepping in and doing something about it was important because they represent us," O'Connor added.