ROCK HILL, S.C. -- We've all heard of yoga and wine among the tactics for relaxation. Now, throw some goats in there and you're in luck.

At least, that's what hundreds of folks flocking to Cat's Paw Winery in Rock Hill say.

They're all there for Goat Yoga, a hot new trend among yogis.

"Yoga is just so popular right now," says Terri Gustin, owner of Critter Creek Farm. "We thought we could share our babies this spring and bring it to South Carolina."

Gustin originally heard about goat yoga in places like New Hampshire and out west and thought it'd be a fun idea to bring to the Carolinas.

In less than three months, the goat yoga class has had around 300 people attend.

"We were shocked how popular it is," Gustin says. "We've sold out every event and we're usually sold out about a month in advance."

Participants gather in a fenced off area outside the winery for an hour of yoga. The environment is non-threatening for those attempting yoga for the first time, or even for those just wanting to hang with the goats.

"We always tell them, the goat comes before yoga in goat yoga. If you want to stop, pick up a goat, sit down and snuggle with them... we have people every week that have no intention of doing yoga they come and sit down and grab a goat," Gustin says. "You can also go into the winery at any point."

As for teaching a yoga class with four-legged attendants, yoga instructor Tammy Calvin says it has been interesting seeing not only student's progression but the goat's as well.

"The first week they were off to the side, but now they're climbing on the mats and people during class," Calvin says. "We talk about being open-minded when you come to your yoga mat and that's never more true than when you have goats that join you on your yoga mat."

Calvin says one of her favorite memories from goat yoga so far was when a goat climbed on a woman's back in order to reach a low hanging tree branch.

"It's a lot of fun and a great way to try out yoga," Calvin says. "Even if you're a practicing yoga person this is a great way to just have a different experience on your mat."

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