ST. PETERSBURG, Fl – The kids participating in the GETSMART program are way too young to remember the 1960’s TV show "Get Smart," but an interest in technology does tie the two together.

There are no shoe phones, but GETSMART will have youngsters flying drones and taking apart computers.

“It stands for Getting Everyone To Study Math And Related Technologies,” explains GETSMART Founder Cindy Brown. “The concept of it is to start educating children earlier about the variety of careers available in technology.”

GETSMART is a free program for students in the fourth through 12th grades. It takes place on Saturday at Tech Data Solutions Center, 16202 Bay Vista Drive, Clearwater.

GETSMART supporter Brady Diggs says dozens of technology professionals volunteer their time to make the program possible. “We’ve been putting this on for nine years and we see a lot of the same students coming each year and everyone leaves excited about technology,” says Diggs.

The program is free, but you must register. For more information click here.