WICHITA, Kan. - Police in Wichita are looking for a six-day-old infant they say went missing after the mother was shot and killed by an unknown suspect.

According to a CBS affiliate, KWCH-12, Police say six-day-old Sofia Victoria Gonzalez Abarca could be in danger as they continue to work to track down leads.

Sofia's mother, a woman in her mid-20's, was found fatally shot Thursday afternoon west Wichita. The shooting is being investigated as a suspicious death.

Police say they have been in contact with Sofia's father, but he is not considered a suspect, nor a person of interest at this time.

Parents who live in the area say they're thinking about the missing infant and the constant care she needs.

"I just feel horrible for them because she's only six days old. As a parent, I just love my baby so much, I can't imagine," one neighbor says.


Another neighbor says before he knew the age of the missing baby, he thought it might've been his own daughter, gone missing.

Woodrow says police continue trying to track down any leads they can. She says this includes anyone they can find that has, or has had any kind of relationship with the family.

Woodrow also addressed why an Amber Alert has not been issued for Sofia's disappearance. She says the case does not meet the criteria from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation for an Amber Alert. It's up to the KBI to issue an alert.

Thursday evening, Woodrow provided the following explanation for why there hasn't been an Amber Alert

"One of the criteria includes knowing suspect information to be able to put out to the public At this time the Wichita Police Department does not have any suspect information to put out, therefore no Amber alert can be issued at this time," Woodrow says. "The Wichita Police Department is working closely with the KBI and if any facts change, and a suspect is determined, an Amber alert will be issued immediately. Again, what's important to focus on at this time is that there is a six day old missing and we need to share this information in order to help find her."