SPRING, Texas- A couple said they woke up to an intruder staring at them in their Spring home on Sunday.

Jared Morris won’t leave his window cracked again. The incident happened in a neighborhood located near the North Freeway and Grand Parkway.

"This is the window that we had up,” said Morris. "He had climbed over this chair without making any noise."

He said a man climbed into his bedroom while he and his girlfriend were sleeping and crept to her side of the bed around 4 a.m.

“His hand was running up her leg and that's when she thought it was my son. Thought it was the cat."

Neighbors say the intruder had already tried to get into some homes across the street.

Surveillance cameras show a man at a side door and window at another home.

He attempted to push open the front door twice eventually making his way in.

Morris’ girlfriend said she woke up to someone leaning over her.

"She said oh my god somebody is in here, and he stood up, and that's when I jumped out of bed and chased him,” said Morris.

The intruder went through the front door and down the street.

"To come in here with her and my son, is an absolute violation,” said Morris. “And it's something, from the feedback I've gotten from my neighbors, it's something that in this neighborhood we're not going to stand for."

Morris said he stopped chasing the man when he realized how dangerous that could be.

Nothing was stolen, and police are investigating.