A woman left three young children in a car outside a Land O' Lakes supermarket with the motor running while she went shopping, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office said.

Shortly after noon Wednesday, a fire rescue member saw a vehicle in the parking lot of the Publix at Land O' Lakes and Connerton Boulevard. Inside were three children -- a 4-year-old girl and twin 2-year-old boys. The twins were in car seats, but the girl was not. 

The suspect, Mackenzie Leigh Zadroga, 38, of Land O' Lakes, returned to the vehicle and told Fire Rescue she was only in the store for five minutes, had left the air conditioner running and had left the 4-year-old in charge.

She told them she left the child in charge because she was "smarter than I am." She said she hadn't taken the children in the store because she couldn't carry all three kids and using a stroller would be too difficult.

Surveillance cameras showed the suspect had been in the store 15 minutes.

The suspect was arrested for child neglect and booked into the Land O' Lakes Detention Facility.