The Florida Department of Law Enforcement stands for service, integrity, respect and quality. They pledge to: "solve crimes while protecting Florida's citizens and visitors". But one officer is now behind bars himself, accused of victimizing the most vulnerable in the community: children.

Pictures on Facebook show former FDLE agent Charles McMullen smiling around young children. It's a stark contrast to the man investigators say started crying when confronted with charges of sexually assaulting several 8-year-old boys. Boys who were living at a home for abused children in North Florida.

Lynn Nelson is a Psychotherapist with the Holistic Mental Health Clinic in St. Petersburg. She says if the charges are true, these kids have a long road to recovery. "Things like resistance to authority figures, difficulty with their own sexual development; this is something that these predators rob from these children that they don't ever get back. You can never give back innocence."

McMullen is no stranger to the Tampa area. He worked here supervising FDLE's cyber crimes unit several years ago. We've even interviewed him for a number of news stories.

Nelson says people like McMullen often know exactly what they are doing. "He knew he was a sexual predator and yet chose to put himself in a position to have access to the most vulnerable children he could find."

The case originally began on October 28, where it was brought to the attention of the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office. McMullen was also arrested on two counts of lewd lascivious behavior on a victim less than 12 years old.

He was previously held on a $1,500,000 bond before being released.

A judge signed a warrant for McMullen and he was arrested on November 4 for molestation of a child under the age of 12, which is a felony offense.

Calvin is currently at the Santa Rosa County Jail without bond.

McMullen has denied all the allegations. Investigators do believe there could be more victims, even here in our area. They say if you have any information, to contact local law enforcement.