PHOENIX - Two young girls faced off against a woman who came through their doggy door Tuesday night in Phoenix, according to police. One of the girls stabbed the woman before she spread her blood on herself and one of the victims, police said.

Kristen Anderson, 34, stands accused of aggravated assault on a minor, kidnapping and two burglary charges after her arrest.

Police documents say Anderson came through the home's doggy door and threw one of the girls on the couch. The other girl grabbed a knife and stabbed Anderson in the chest.

Anderson "started rubbing her hand in her blood then rubbing it onto her face saying 'ah, blood,'" according to police documents.

She then rubbed the blood on one of the victims' face, legs and hair before the girls ran out of the house with their two dogs.

The girls, ages 10 and 12, told their father via FaceTime what had happened. He relayed the information to police.

Another caller told police a woman, later identified as Anderson, had knocked on their back window, leaving blood on the window.

Police were able to track Anderson down and take her to a hospital. Court documents show Anderson was yelling "You can't control me!" when she was found.

She's also accused of kicking a nurse in the stomach when she was being treated. Phoenix police suspect Anderson may have been mentally ill or on some sort of drugs.