A n 18-year-old man who holds dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship is accused of calling in threats to Jewish Community Centers across Florida, including a Tampa preschool.

Michael Ron David Kadar made 245 of the calls between Jan. 4 and March 7, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney's Office. 

According to the criminal complaint, Kadar used a "spoofing" service that allowed him to hide his identity, disguise his voice and record the calls.

On Jan. 5, Kadar called Tampa JCC Preschool North and said he had three handguns and was coming to the school to kill children, the complaint said. Then he called Tampa JCC Preschool South and claimed their was a bomb at the school and the shrapnel was aimed at children's heads. He said he was in a car near the school with a detonator in his hand.

On Jan. 9, he again called Tampa JCC Preschool South and claimed there was a bomb at the school, according to the complaint. Then on Feb. 20, he again called the school and claimed their was a bomb that would blow the heads off of "Jew children," the complaint said.

Kadar also targeted facilities in Jacksonville, Fort Myers, Orlando and other cities, the complaint said.

Israeli authorities were able to identify a location in Ashkelon, Israel, as a potential source of the calls. Israeli National Police served a search warrant at Kadar's home.

According to the complaint, after being taken into custody, police said Kadar spontaneously said he "did not do it." When asked what he didn't do, Kadar said, "The threats." When asked what threats, he replied the "JCC threats."

Police said they had not mentioned the JCC threats to him.

At the home, police seized electronic equipment, and they said they found recordings of the threatening calls.