Chester R. Kwitowski, Jr. was arrested Monday afternoon near his home in Tampa on a Polk County warrant for perjury, his second arrest within a month.

Kwitowski, 57, was originally charged last month with a total of five counts of giving false statements as an expert witness in criminal trials in Polk County.

The newest charge is related to a Sept. 13 pretrial hearing in which he claimed to have numerous credentials establishing him as an expert witness, such as having been a certified forensic examiner (CFE) in the military.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office issued this statement Tuesday summarizing the initial September charges against Kwitowski:

“Kwitowski lists his occupation as President/CEO of Brightside Enterprises, Inc. According to the affidavit filed in September and the current direct filing, Kwitowski appeared as a subject matter expert witness for the defense, during five sexual battery on a minor and/or possession of child pornography jury trials or depositions in the 10th Judicial Circuit, and provided sworn testimony that he has formal education and certifications including:

A Master's Degree from USF in Computer Science and Engineering, current Encase certification, had a Cisco certification, had a secret clearance from the federal government, had a top secret clearance from the federal government, and/or he was a certified forensic examiner (CFE) in the military.

PCSO detectives determined that none of the above are true, and that Kwitowski lied under oath about his certifications, education, and level of expertise.”

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"Simply put, Kwitowski has been lying under oath,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said Tuesday. “This investigation is continuing and we are committed to making sure our legal system is not undermined by a so-called ‘expert' claiming to be something he's not."

Kwitowski was released Tuesday morning on $25,000 bond.