A man who tried to choke a 90-year-old woman is being charged with attempted homicide, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office said.

Eric J. Moore, 46, of Indianapolis was arrested Friday.

Deputies were called to Racetrac, 23390 SR 54, Land O' Lakes. They learned Moore, the victim and another female were traveling in a vehicle. Moore had been drinking, the witness said.

Moore and the victim got into an argument, and the witness said he began pulling the victim's hair and slamming her head into the window.

When the vehicle pulled into the Racetrac, he got out, got a chain from the back of the vehicle,and began choking the victim, the witness said.

The victim and witness fled the Racetrac and left the defendant at the store, where he was arrested for disorderly intoxication by deputies who  had responded to the scene.

The victim and witness drove to their home in Hernando County, where they called the Hernando County Sheriff's Office and told them of Moore's actions..

The victim sustained severe head, neck, and facial injuries and was taken to a local hospital. The victim is in the ICU in stable condition.

After being read his rights, Moore admitted to touching the victim but said he was only trying to restrain her, deputies said. He is being held on $100,100 bail.