Nearly all of us depend on ATM’s but would you go to one when it's still dark out? We are usually warned not to go when it's dark- it's dangerous- can be deadly.
No matter what part of town- no matter what town, a terrifying story of what can happen- and some tips you should hear before getting cash!

She is a 59-year-old counselor and lived in Charlotte North Carolina for 22 years.

It sounds cliché, almost like a bad scary movie … It was a dark and stormy night ...

It was nearly 9 p.m. and this woman needed to get cash.

She says, “I drove up to the ATM, popped my card in, plugged my code in and I heard this sound and I thought what is that. And it was this voice and I caught movement in my rearview mirror.”

And then she saw it.

She says, “I remember thinking what is that? My mind just couldn't make sense of it and then I heard myself say that's a gun and then I went, holy smokes, that’s a gun.”

He had come from behind the bushes.

The man actually squeezed up in between her car and the ATM and was telling her to quote: Give it to me, give it to me all of it.

He didn't get much – but she was shaken.

Here's what one officer says she did right. “I think utilizing your car, driving up would be a little bit safer because you’re not having to get out of your car at least whenever you pull up in your car you can easily just pull off.”

He says being in your car is safer than walk up ATMs or vestibules.

And he says – if you are in your car – make sure your doors are locked.

But here's where we can all learn something from what happened.

If there is shrubbery, any type of trees around the ATM then officers suggest not going to it if you see something.

Also, pay attention to lighting.

If you can, get cash when you check out at the grocery store.

The other tip: You've probably heard before, but a great reminder -- don't count or show the money you received. Instead, put it away immediately.