ZEBULON, N.C. — An 18-year-old Franklin County man has been charged with first-degree murder after authorities said he decapitated his mother Monday afternoon.

Authorities were called to a home at 90 Morgan Drive in Zebulon at about 1 p.m. after Oliver Funez called 911.

Authorities said that Funez had decapitated his mother, Yesenia Funez Beatriz Machado, 35, with what appeared to be a large butcher knife and walked out of the home holding her head in one hand and the weapon in another when deputies arrived at the home. 17

"When they arrived, he was with the decapitation in his hand and it was a gruesome scene," said Sheriff Kent Winstead.

Deputies said Funez placed the head on the ground and was taken into custody. The body was found inside the home.

“There is a victim that is now dead and there’s a grieving and anytime that’s the case, its horrific for that family and, as you can see, for the entire neighborhood and thus this office will do everything it can to ensure justice is served through a thorough investigation,” said Terry Wright with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities said it is unknown how many times Machado was stabbed.