A former jail nurse is accused of bringing contraband to her inmate lover, as well as having sex with him at the nurse's station, the Polk County Sheriff's Office said.

Andrea Sarvey, 32, of Winter Haven was arrested Friday and charged with introducing contraband into detention facility, conspiracy to introduce contraband, sexual misconduct with inmates, and interference with county prisoner.

Deputies said she admitted to bringing cigarettes, coffee and stamped envelopes to Aubry Pettus Jr., 29, and admitted to being in a relationship with him for four months.

The relationship was discovered after deputies received a tip about the two having numerous telephone conversations and medical appointments. Officials reviewed recorded phone calls and found the two had discussed her bringing contraband to him.

She said he told her, "If you love me, you will bring me this."

Officials found love letters from Pettus to Sarvey in her vehicle.

Detective said she admitted they would engage in sexual acts at the jail's nurses station while she was on duty and out of sight of co-workers.

Pettus has been charged with conspiracy to introduce contraband into a detention facility. He is serving time for previous methamphetamine trafficking and violation of probation (VOP) charges.

Pettus has an extensive criminal history including 29 felony and 9 misdemeanor charges; he has been sentenced to Florida State Prison four times.

Sarvey was employed by Corizon Health, which provides health care to inmates. She was fired today.