BARTOW, Fla. -- The Bartow Police Department responded to a call of a burglary on East Church Street Monday.

According to police, local residents heard what appeared to be someone kicking in a door and saw two people out front with personal property from a neighbor in front of the residence.

Police were able to find the suspects in a nearby parking lot. The two suspects involved in the robbery have been identified as 42-year-old Taaka Allday and 38-year-old Amos Lee Hunter.

Two days before the robbery took place, police discovered that the two suspects had befriended the elderly resident when he was crying in his car over the loss of his wife.

Allday told the man she didn't have a place to stay, so he allowed them to stay at his house overnight.

The elderly man told them the next day he needed to go out of state and that they could no longer stay at his house. He dropped them off at a nearby Walmart where Allday said he could have his daughter come pick them up.

The same day, Allday and Hunter broke into the elderly man's house, stealing personal items, damaging some of his property, and stealing some of his prescribed medications.

Allday and Hunter have been arrested and sent to the Polk County Jail. Both have been charged with burglary and criminal mischief and Allday has also been charged with grand theft of a controlled substance.

The Bartow Police Department advises residents to always be cautious when it comes to strangers, and that residents can ask questions about personal safety and crime prevention techniques by calling the Community Services team at (863) 534-5034.