"If you break the law in Pasco County, we will put your picture on social media," said Melanie Snow with the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

With 77,000 Facebook followers, the office definitely reached a lot of people with a Facebook post from last Friday showing Marquis Porter in tears, with the title “Sad Criminal of the Day.”

"This is an individual who not only was manufacturing drugs like methamphetamine and selling to members of our community, but also tried to run over one of our deputies," Snow said.

But the controversy has divided opinion locally.

"I don’t think anyone should be shown off like that on social media. That’s sad," said Linda Dinh.

"I don’t feel bad for anybody trying to hurt cops," said Jamie Newton.

"I don’t think any behavior like that is good in any way. Yes he’s a criminal, but (the police's) job is to go out there and arrest people and be done with it," said Todd Ayotte.

The post not only has people on the street fired up; check out the conversation on the 10News Facebook page.

Jennifer writes "I don’t feel bad for him. If he would have seriously hurt someone or even killed them, nobody would see this as humiliation."

Jamie says it's simple - don’t break the law and you won’t be publicly humiliated.

But Missy says innocent until proven guilty is one of our core values.

"Innocent until proven guilty of course, but our evidence indicates that these crimes were committed and he was charged with them," said Snow.

"We’ve increased our use of humor over the last couple of months."

The sheriff’s office says humor is a way to personalize its deputies to the community and it’s not going to stop what’s working.

"As you can see in the photo, he was crying and that was a description used in the post itself and we stand behind it," Snow said.

The sheriff’s office says it will continue to post pictures of recently arrested people because the community needs to know.